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Welcome to the North Texas Division home page for fencing in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas, including Waco and Denton!

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North Texas Division Tournament Sanction Agreement is available in pdf format.  This form must be submitted prior to the tournament or sanction may be withheld and classifications may not be earned by the participants.

Eric Wang Scholarship Application - This scholarship is open to all college-bound fencers and is not need based.  

WAIVER OF LIABILITY and CONSENT FOR MEDICAL TREATMENT FORM - this form is required for each North Texas Division tournament. The form is currently in Adobe pdf format and may be completed online.  If you have Adobe Acrobat (not Adobe Reader), you should be able to save the completed form to your computer for use at future tournaments.

Referee Evaluation form

AMGAD BADAWI is an International "B" referee for both foil and epee.  He is one of two FIE licensed referees in the Southwest Section (Michael Ross is the other).  North Texas is very fortunate to have Mr. Badawi in our area to train upcoming North Texas Division referees.  All fencers should take the referee class from Mr. Badawi at some point, even if you are not going to become a referee. This will help with your own understanding of the rules and why referees make those calls.  Parents may also attend for the same reason!  North Texas generally tries to hold two seminars per year.  If your club would like to host a referee seminar, please contact Mr. Badawi.  If you are looking for referees for your tournament, you may find a list of qualified persons on

Proxy form - please check the North Texas list of current voters maintained under Policies.  You must be 18 years old, and a member of the NORTH TEXAS DIVISION, by February 1st to be an eligible voter. The 2010 Annual Meeting will be held May 29th at the Wilson/Silvia Memorial, TBD.

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