North Texas Division

United States Fencing Association

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Grievance Form – North Texas Division, USA Fencing
The goal of USA Fencing is "to create an equitable, safe and positive environment for everyone in the fencing community." Should someone witness or experience unfair treatment, it is the duty of all to report such behavior or circumstances This form is used to provide information necessary to report a concern and/or file a complaint of alleged unfair treatment or discriminatory practices at a fencing event or club as it relates to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion.
Waiver of Liability / Consent for Medical Treatment
This North Texas Division form is required from each participant in a local North Texas Division tournament. The form is a pdf document. You may be able to fill it out online and save the completed form to your computer for use at future tournaments.
Referee Evaluation Form
The North Texas Division would appreciate your feedback on ways to improve our referees and your experience at our tournaments. Please give this completed form to a Tournament Official, FOC Representative, or Division Officer.
Proxy Form
To vote in the Division’s Annual Meeting you must be a North Texas Division member and at least 18 years old by February 1st of the voting year and have at least a Supporting Membership. If you can not attend the meeting in person you may give a signed proxy form to another eligible voter who will then add your vote to theirs. Your proxy form may be blank or you can write specific instructions on it. However, no proxy form will be accepted without a valid signature.
Eric Wang Scholarship Application
Proceeds from the annual Wang Memorial Tournament are set aside for a scholarship fund in memory of Eric Wang. High school seniors and college students are eligible to apply.